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Sometimes bigger isn’t necessarily better.


From the moment they met, there was an undeniable attraction between Colby and Tobias. Even though months had passed since they’d seen each other, the sparks haven’t dimmed one bit. So, when they finally meet again, it’s only natural that they end up horizontal on one of the coalition’s more popular conference tables. 

Just as they are sure there is no doubt they are destined together, their older brothers intervened and tore them apart. Not because Colby is a Lion shifter. It’s not because Tobias is a Wolf shifter either. The reason for their split can be summed down to two words—they’re runts. And in the shifter world, runt equals weak and vulnerable. So, it’s only natural that their older siblings are overprotective. 
The one thing that their brothers fail to see is that Colby and Tobias are determined to be together, even if that means defying their elders. Will everybody finally see how perfect Colby and his little Wolf are for each other? Or, will the pair have to resort to drastic measures to have any kind of happiness?    


“Hey, guys,” Tobias said as he took the seat next to Colby. 

It was only then that Colby noted that Tobias also smelled like basil, garlic, and tomatoes. Looking closer, he could see red streaks on the Wolf’s black jacket and blue jeans. 

“Is that blood, or spaghetti sauce?” Colby asked. 

He was somewhat surprised that he was actually having to ask that question, but it wouldn’t be the first time somebody sported blood in the cafeteria. 
Tobias smiled and Colby was struck at how beautiful the Wolf’s eyes were. They were an interesting shade of amber and  there were also lighter flecks present that one would call amber. They were framed by lashes so long, they should have come off as girly, but on Tobias they somehow worked. 

Some time, since they’d last seen each other, Tobias had cut his hair. While the brown locks were still somewhat longer than most of the soldiers, they were more under control and styled. 
“I think it’s a little of both.” Tobias chuckled as he glanced down at his own body. 

“We got into a fight in an Italian restaurant.” 
“Were you hurt?” Colby demanded, his gut clenching at the thought of Tobias being in any amount of pain. 
Tobias shook his head. “Nah, but one of my bodyguards was stabbed. They are stitching him up in the infirmary.” 
“Who attacked you?” Xavier asked. 
“A group of Ravens. You’d think they’d have learned not to mess with us by now.” 
Even while Colby agreed, another comment struck him as odd. “You have bodyguards.” 
A slight blush came over Tobias’s cheeks. “Like I told you before, my brother is way too overprotective of me.” 
That was something Colby could relate to. Thomas didn’t allow him to walk out the doors of HQ unless he had some muscle with him. While Colby knew Thomas only did it out of love, that still didn’t make it any less annoying. Some days, Tobias just wanted to be able to dart out and grab a burger without there being a big deal made out of it. 

Tobias held out his hand. “Give me your cell phone?” 
When Colby hesitated, Tobias cocked a brow. “Thomas did give you a phone, didn’t he?” 
Fishing it out of his front jeans pocket, Colby gave it to the Wolf. “Of course, he did. He wants to make sure that he can reach me at all times. You’re not the only one with an overprotective brother.” 
When he saw Tobias punching in some buttons, Colby frowned. “What are you doing?” 
“Putting in my number. You told me to call you the last time we met and I never could because we didn’t exchange digits.” Tobias then pulled out his own phone and began to add Colby’s number to his contacts. 

 Once done, Tobias handed it back with a smile. “Now we can reach each other any time we want.” 
That thought thrilled Colby. “I like that.” 
Tobias stood, then held a hand out to Colby. “Come on, let’s go for a walk. I want to get to know you, and it’s too crowded in here.” 
Colby didn’t have to be asked twice. He immediately took Tobias’s hand and stood. A shiver of desire went through Colby as he realized that he was actually touching the only guy he’d ever been interested in. Sure, it might only be holding hands, but it was a good start. T

Tobias leaned in until his lips were only inches from Colby’s ear. “Do you know somewhere that’s more private?” 

Actually, Colby did. It was a conference room that was barely ever used. Colby had sought refuge in that place several times since he’d come to live at HQ. Never in his wildest dreams did he ever think that he’d be sharing it with Tobias, though. 
“I know of the perfect spot,” Colby replied. 

Another shiver went through him when Tobias gave his ear a gentle love bite. “Then take me there.”

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Sometimes love really can conquer all 


While growing up, Zimon always lived in his older brother’s shadow. While his sibling went on to join the military and came back a war hero, things grew even worse as Zimon’s life spiraled out of control, and he found himself in a dark place where he came close to losing his life.

When Zimon’s brother fell in love, all the rules changed in their once nice, neat life, and Zimon finds himself in the role of supporting his brother in his newest dream, opening and running the biggest hockey rink in the metro Detroit area. While Zimon had never envisioned his future being the manager at the front service desk of a rink, it beats working as a shot-boy at the gay club, so he jumps at the chance for the new job. Bryce never imagined that, while at the height of his NHL career, he’d find himself becoming part owner of a rundown hockey rink. Yet that’s exactly what happens when a group of his friends get it in their crazy heads to start the new business. One day when he’s in town, he decides to check the place out. When he clashes with the bratty, yet cute, man running the front desk, Bryce is both annoyed and intrigued.

Will Zimon and Bryce ever be able to get over their differences? Or will the final buzzer sound before they find a way to happiness?   


Damn it! The last thing Bryce had ever expected to find when he came to visit his old friend, Aldrich,  was the most annoying, fuckable brat in the world instead.

There was no denying it, though, because there stood said brat on the other side of the counter wearing a face that was so annoying that it was cute. Deciding to see just how angry he could make Zimon, Bryce upped the ante a bit.

“Really? From what I heard, you sleep with just about anybody.”

Zimon hissed at him…actually hissed. Like some sort of cat who had its hackles up. “I made a personal vow to never screw jerks, so that leaves you high and dry. Besides, since when have you been gay? All the papers show pictures of you and your girlfriend.”

It was true that Bryce had made sure that there were plenty of pictures of him and Jennifer out there. What most people didn’t know was that Jennifer was his best friend and nothing more. She went out and played the role as his girlfriend as a favor to him. While the Cantons and some of their friends may have no problem being out and proud, Bryce didn’t know if he’d ever be able to take that big of a risk. He had a lot of endorsement deals and he knew without a doubt they’d dry up if it were to come to light that he was gay.

“Maybe I just want to have some fun,” Bryce suggested.

Zimon rolled his adorable soft-blue eyes. “God, I hate it when the closet cases come on to me. I have one rule in life…”

“Just one?”

“I never do guys who still claim to be into girls.”

“Why is that?”

“It causes too much drama.”

“Funny, you strike me as the type who loves to swim neck-deep in drama.”

Zimon shot him a look that was probably meant to be menacing, but only came off like a puppy growling to warn somebody away from its bone. “Do you need anything? I was about to close up, and since I do have to open up early, I would like to get home, so I can at least get a few hours of sleep.”

“I just want to take a quick look around the place.”


“Sure, why not? After all, I did dump a ton of money into this rink, so, it’s only right I get to see my investment.”

Before Zimon could issue any further protests, Bryce walked around and opened the door, so he could get behind the counter.

“What are you doing?” Zimon demanded, throwing his hands up in exasperation.

“I already told you that…taking a look around.”

Bryce began to move some of the paperwork around. When he heard Zimon let out a sputter and turned to see him wringing his hands, Bryce knew he’d finally found one of the punk’s weak spots. Oh, oh. It looked like the office manager had a titch of OCD in him.

Purposefully messing the papers up more, Bryce asked, “Are you the only one who works back here?”

Zimon reached around him and began a feeble attempt at restoring order. “Yes, why?”

“Because, it looks like hell. How can anybody figure out what’s going on?”

Anger flashed through Zimon’s eyes. “I’ll have you know that everything is perfectly organized. Or at least it was until you went all caveman

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Sometimes the dark feels safer than the light.

Being a gay teen is hard enough, but when Christian’s strict father is transferred to a different city and Christian has to go to a new school, he discovers how much worse things can get. Fortunately, before he sinks into depression, Christian finds a new group of friends, who are also gay. Christian soon learns that his friends have their own problems, from desperately seeking attention to abusive family members.
This is the first book in an exciting new series that follows the high and lows of Christian and his friends through their senior year as they seek acceptance and love while dealing with hostility and homophobia. Will all of them survive to see graduation…or will they lose somebody along the way?

Devlin drained the rest of his coffee and looked out the window. “It’s a really nice day out there.”

Giving a knowing smile, Andy agreed, “Yeah, it would be a shame to spend it in here all cooped up.”

Taylor sighed. “I’ll go put the top down.”

“Is blondie going with us?” Devlin waggled his eyebrows.

“Will you knock it off with the nicknames?” Christian grumbled, still not knowing if he hated Devlin or was just annoyed with his remarks.

“I should probably just go home,” James said.

Devlin gave him a friendly punch on the shoulder. “If anybody sees us, you can just say that my mom was making you tag along with me again to make sure I was being a good boy. Plus, even if they did spot you, I seriously doubt that any of your buddies would fess up to hanging out in this part of town.”

Christian silently had to agree with Devlin’s statement. Going by the number of rainbow flags and gay clubs that were lining the streets, it was definitely the LGBT friendly district.

“Fine, I’ll go,” James sighed.

That settled it for Christian. He’d do anything to spend more time with the sexy jock. “I’m coming, too.”

Devlin gave him a probing stare. “How did I know that was going to be your response?”

“What exactly are we going to do?” Christian asked.

He realized that should have been his first question. While they all seemed like okay guys, he’d just met them. For all he knew they could be serial killers or something. Although, he didn’t see Taylor as the ax-wielding type. Devlin, on the other hand, was a whole different story.

“We’re just going to drive up and down the street,” Taylor said.

“I know it sounds boring, but it’s actually kind of fun to people watch and stuff,” James added, his warm voice seeming to dance over Christian’s skin.

Taylor put his cup in a nearby tub and ran outside to put the top down. As they were all walking out, Devlin leaned down and whispered in Christian’s ear, “I wouldn’t waste my time with him. He’s never going to come out.”

Christian stiffened, watching as the rest of the group left the building. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Devlin gave a rich chuckle. “You’re a really crappy liar. Look, you seem like a nice enough guy, in a Mary Sue kind of way. I’m just trying to save you some heartbreak.”

Angry, both because Devlin had seen right through him and at the Mary Sue reference, Christian glared at Devlin. “I don’t need you to save me from anything.”

Devlin reached out and gently ran his knuckles down Christian’s cheek. “You have no idea how innocent you look, with those pretty blue eyes and blond hair of yours.”

Too shocked by Devlin’s action, Christian froze, unable to say anything.

“I’ll bet you haven’t even been kissed yet?” Devlin continued.

What in the hell? Was the jerk a mind reader or something? A fresh surge of anger went through Christian and he batted Devlin’s hand away. “You don’t know anything about me, so you can stop the act.”

He expected Devlin to come back with another scathing comment, but when Devlin just turned and walked outside, Christian was once again frozen with shock. The only thing he could really feel was the burning sensation left by Devlin’s fingers. It was all Christian could do not to reach up and touch the affected skin.

Letting out a growl of frustration, he made a mental note not to let anything Devlin said affect him anymore. The guy was a jerk pure and simple. 

Sometimes your past can intrude itself into your future…and even kill the chance for your ‘happily ever after’.

Four years ago, Brody thought he’d finally found his happily ever after in his best friend, Dale. All those dreams were shattered, however, when Dale left to join the Air Force, leaving behind a broken hearted Brody.

Dale knew from the moment he left Brody that he’d made the biggest mistake of his life. Now, he’s back and trying to make amends. Not only does he have to deal with his own disapproving father, but Brody isn’t ready to forgive or forget.

Will Dale manage to convince Brody that he’s here to stay this time? Or will Dale be the one suffering a broken heart this time?

Dale stared at the slightly weathered, red screen door and took a deep breath.

Just knock.Come on, it’s not that hard. All you have to do is lift your damn fist and hit it against the wood a few times. You’ve faced enemy gunfire, missile attacks and bunking with guys who didn’t take a shower for two weeks, so this should be a piece of cake.

Try telling that to his hammering heart, trembling hands and sweaty brow, though. Because at that moment he couldn’t think of anything more terrifying than facing what may be waiting for him on the other side of that door.

He took another deep breath...and hesitated again.Damn it, he hadn’t come all this way just to stare at a door.

Then he felt it—the prickling sensation that always comes when somebody is watching you. It was an instinct that all people were born with, but his four years in the military had taught him to hone that skill into a fine art. So he had no doubt—he was being stalked...but by whom?

He glanced at the curtains of the window that looked out over the porch. Maybe the home’s occupant already realised he was present and they were getting ready for battle. His unease grew when he noted the curtains remained motionless and tightly drawn together—the thick brown cloth obscuring any chance of him seeing inside, let alone allowing anybody to peek outside.

So that meant his stalker was somewhere else. He scanned up and down the street—the very one he’d grown up on. While each house brought back some memory from the past, he didn’t spot a single person. Nor did he see anybody looking out of the various windows. Just as he was about to give up and leave, a high pitched giggle from the other yard drew his attention.

Turning his head, he groaned as he found himself face-to-face with Ayla. When Dale had lived there four years ago, she’d been the neighbourhood brat and it looked as if little had changed. Sure, she now wore her brown hair in a fashionable pixie cut, had grown several inches taller and had given up her overalls for a pair of tight jeans, but the ever-present smirk remained on her lips.

"I knew you would be back," she declared, crossing her arms over her thin chest.

Dale cocked a brow. "You did?"

"Of course. There’s no way you can resist Brady. You’ve always had the hots for him."

It took Dale aback that even somebody as young as Ayla had figured out his true feelings for his best friend. Had he really been that obvious?

As if reading his mind, she rolled her big, brown eyes. "Please. You guys practically drooled over each other."

"So, does that mean everybody knows?" Dale ventured.

He wondered if Brady had faced prejudice and hatred for their obvious attraction and a pang of guilt hit Dale over his friend having to face that alone.

"Yes, but most people don’t care. They like Brady too much to let something like that make them think less of him. In fact, he’s very popular..." She drew out the last word for emphasis, a malicious gleam in her gaze.

A bitter bite of jealousy stung Dale, even though he knew he had no right to feel it. "How popular?"

"What do you care? You took off on him."

Since when had Ayla become Brody’s advocate? Next, she’d be coming up and kicking Dale in the shins for daring to hurt him.

"I didn’t have a choice," Dale replied through clenched teeth.

Now it was she who cocked a brow and damned if she didn’t do a better job of it. "We all have choices in life, Dale. Some of us are just too much of a chicken to make them."